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Alexandra Beaumont

Official Site of Pushcart Prize nominated Fantasy & Folklore Author


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Song-weaver Eseld and her sister need a magical fog to survive. But it’s running out. Her only hope lies in the seafolk who offer aid – for a price. Eseld must decide: forsake her life on land or leave her sister for dead.

COMING SOON - SUMMER 2024, Brigid Gate Press

A fierce star-cult governs the lives of both the blessed from the plateau of Gemynd and the rebellious word-weavers of Rask. When Einya reluctantly joins the cult, she thinks only of the rights it will give her: the permission to marry her Raskian lover. Instead she is thrown onto a treacherous path of betrayal and political strife, and a battle for power.

Forced to drink the blood of the stars and steal their thoughts, Einya ends up at the heart of a fierce rebellion, caught between a fight for freedom and the strange luring magic of the stars.

Brigid Gate Press

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Alexandra is an adventurous spirit who often loses herself in misty woodlands, cycling or taking part in Live Action Fantasy Role Play. She writes fantasy entwined with nature, morally grey characters and the darker side of folkloric beliefs.

Alexandra has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize for her short story, Twisted Tongues, and her work has also been produced by the Alternative Stories Podcast.

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